Sunday, November 30, 2008

Y-M-C... no thank you!

I'm a bad blogger. It's been over a week.

Anyway, I started doing research on DJ's the other day. I had no idea DJ's were that expensive. Most guys want at least $1,000 for only 4 hours. Our budget for entertainment is only like $600 and we need 5 hours!! I'm probably looking in all the wrong places. I need to hire someone who works for themselves and not a big company. Sunset DJ offers a pretty good price but I wasn't feelin' too hot about the music list they sent me. I definitely don't want to hear Y-M-C-A or Mambo No. 5 & whatever DJ I hire must be bilingual! Now would probably be a good time to start asking friends and family :]

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AmyJean said...

Hey there, Wanted to stop by and say thanks for hittin' up my blog!! You may want to check out - i posted about it earlier last week, but you may be able to create a project for a dJ and see what some DJ vendors come back and bid on. I also have one in mind who isn't too expensive as well in the La Habra area... email me if you want more info! :)