Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thats my decision, & I'm stickin to it!

Coming from a Mexican family, you can say my parents are pretty traditional. I, on the other hand, am not. So you can imagine what my response was when my parents mentioned they wanted to hire a mariachi for the reception. My dad mentioned that he wanted to hire a mariachi for our wedding so that they could play during dinner. Now not only do I not personally enjoy mariachi's, but I've been to weddings before where they have done this and I did not enjoy it at all. Dinner is a time to have soft, mellow music so that the guests can talk to each other and not have to speak over the music. Most of the time, mariachi's are so loud, you have to raise your voice or wait until the song is over to get a word in. I did not like this idea AT ALL.

When I mentioned to my dad that I did not like this idea, he said to me, "This wedding isn't only for you, its for your guests too." Yes, I do agree with him a little, but ultimately its our big day. I don't want to sound selfish, but OUR wedding day, is about and for the BOTH of us. WE are paying for OUR wedding, not my parents, so I believe that WE get to make the decisions for it. Yes, I want our guests to have a great time at our wedding and I do want to share this very special day with them but when it comes to decisions like these, I think it comes down to what we the bride and groom want. This all might have been a little different if my parents were hosting the wedding, then sure I would be more accomodating to their wants, but they're not. I think my dad may have been a little hurt about it, but even though he says its something he wanted to do for us, it was mostly for him. I told him it just wouldnt make sense to hire a mariachi for "a couple hours" like he wanted because that would take up HALF of our reception time. Our wedding is only 5 hours long. I think its nice that he wanted to contribute something, but with our small budget a contribution towards something thats necessary would be very much appreciated as opposed to something extra.

When my mom told me they were thinking about hiring one without telling us, I thought about how that would go down on our wedding day. I figure it would probably end up with me being REALLY mad, or crying.

Maybe I'm being selfish but thats my decision, & I'm stickin' to it! :)

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