Monday, November 10, 2008

The hunt for a photographer

I have spent a good amount of time these past few days looking for a photographer. This is definitely no easy task. Photography is undeniably one of the more important aspects of our wedding. The wedding only lasts one day, but the pictures will last us forever. I want beautiful photojournalistic photography within a reasonable price. Impossible? No. Time consuming? Yes! I've come across a few photographers worth meeting with who are just a little over our budget. The hubby and I want at least 5 hours of coverage, photos on a disc and website, and a good amount of prints. As I was looking at a certain photographers' rates and I came across flush mount albums and am now IN LOVE with them. I absolutely must have one now! This certain photographer offers a lot for a little, and great quality. Only bad part is that the package I want is for only 4 hours and the 6 hour package is above our budget. I'm thinking of setting up an appointment and perhaps negotiating a deal with him--a give and take. He gives me an extra hour and takes something off the package, except that I want everything included in the package.

We'll see how this hashes out. For now, I'll keep looking.


EBM said...

hey, I saw your post on my blog, I can send you my list of LA photogs that has a bunch of pricing that may help you out. i was going to post it in the future, just send an email to my gmail at baleong

Newport Nuptials said...

We spent a lot of time on looking for the perfect photographer. It is not an easy task. The state of the economy is terrible right now, but great for brides. I would try talking to him about what he can do with your budget. Our videographer took a $1,000 off his regular price due to the economy.