Sunday, April 12, 2009

veil in the mail!

After giving it much thought, I have finally decided on wearing a veil. My biggest problem is finalizing decisions because once a decision is made final, I hate thinking I can't go back on it (I can but it would cost me). Initially, I had decided on not going with a veil. I figured I would just wear a nice flower and call it a day. Veils are so expensive anyway. I had already convinced myself I didn't want one nor did I need one. Then the other day, I was looking at my photographers blog and saw how amazing the pictures are when the veil is blowing in the wind, or when the bride puts it over her groom and they kiss. This made me really want one so I can have one of those pictures too. So I decided to check out ebay and I found a 1 tier fingertip length veil with a pencil edge for $18 bucks that I liked. I showed the hubby to see what he thought (really I just wanted him to tell me I should get it because I needed the extra push) and he said I should get it :] So there you have it, tomorrow my veil will be in the mail! YAY!

I'm pretty sure I'll still wear a flower or at least a decorative comb because I am going to take my veil off for the reception. I'm also pretty sure (for now) that I want my hair to look something like this:

afterall, I have been trying to grow my hair out for the wedding. But I can't help longing for a beautiful updo like this:

sigh... I'm so indecisive.

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